Cheshire Groups Message 19.07.2019

We're sad our MP ignores Remainers here, so with support from friends across Cheshire, we sent a message to Laura Smith at Parliament, asking her to back Labour policy and distance herself from Boris Johnson – and which we hoped would be too big to ignore!

The message read...

Dear Laura,

In light of the recent announcement that it is now agreed Labour Party and trade union policy to support a confirmatory referendum – albeit with certain caveats – please confirm publicly that you will abide by party policy, distance yourself from Boris Johnson, and not rebel against the Labour whip again in any future Brexit votes.


★ CAN Remain
★ Chester for Europe
★ Eddisbury for Europe
★ European Movement Macclesfield
★ Warrington for Europe
★ Weaver Vale for Europe
★ Wilmslow for Europe

Since being printed, we were joined by other pro-EU groups from across the entire North West...

★ Lancaster for Europe
★ Liverpool for Europe
★ Manchester for Europe
★ Stockport for Europe

We received no response.