Our First Email 09.04.2019

Our campaign launched at the start of April. With our Brexitometer beating Laura Smith's 48 majority in under a week, we emailed our MP to tell her about our campaign and ask for a meeting.

The email read...

I am writing to you on behalf of CAN Remain (canremain.eu), a website we have set up so that Labour-voting Crewe & Nantwich residents who are worried about the damage Brexit will do to our livelihoods and our community values can have their voice heard, collectively.

Those who have signed up and added their sticker to our online Brexitometer make, effectively, two pledges: that they support your values and your efforts towards a fairer society for all, but that they will – reluctantly – withhold their vote in any upcoming general election while you continue to campaign against a second referendum.

We do not believe Brexit is one issue among many facing a prospective Labour administration; we believe it is a singular and defining one, and that the damage it would do will wipe out any gains that might be made by Labour reforms and cut off at source the money needed for investment in Labour policies. We will be poorer and there will simply be less to go around. No one wins from Brexit.

Jobs like mine will come under threat. I am employed by Bentley Motors, a company that employs 4,500 people, the great majority of whom are your constituents. Bentley relies on just-in-time logistics and stability within its supply chain (98% of components are bought in from the EU), along with maintaining its profit margin on export sales into the EU (which represents a third of its global sales). Brexit promises untold harm to one of our town's main employers.

We understand your position in respect of a constituency with a majority of Leave voters in 2016. But we do not believe that should be the only consideration. In the Commons, you have voted three times against a Withdrawal Agreement that would have taken us out of the EU because it is, for you, Brexit on the wrong terms. If MPs are free to choose, multiple times over, what is the right and wrong sort of Brexit, and if the will of the people is truly paramount and sacrosanct in this, then shouldn't these choices be referred back to us? And are citizens, in a democracy, not entitled to change their minds?

The numeric nature of our website is, to an extent, symbolic. But, at time of writing, there are 63 pledges to withhold support, a number in excess of your 2017 majority. We think that ours is a voice in danger of going unheard in Crewe & Nantwich because it is taken as read that we are a Leave town. We want to remind you of the value of our votes, and we want to ask you to do the right and fair thing.

But we want to reassure you too that we are not being antagonistic and that our venture is entirely without animosity. We are great supporters of your work in the constituency, and the way in which you speak in Parliament, especially upon education funding.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet you in person to discuss our concerns in more detail. More than that we would – all – love to be able to give you our votes and to support you as our MP.

We received no response.