Our Second Email 16.06.2019

In June, our Brexitometer passed 100 stickers. To mark this, we emailed Laura a second time to offer goodwill and again ask for a meeting. We also outlined our experiences on street stalls and expressed our disappointment that Laura had declined to support Labour MEPs during the European Elections.

The email read...

My colleagues and I remain big supporters of your work here in Crewe & Nantwich, but I was disappointed not to receive a response to my email from April 9th, especially on the point regarding a potential meeting. Since then, the number of your potential voters signing up to the CAN Remain website has more than doubled, and currently stands at 128.

These are 128 Crewe & Nantwich Labour supporters who – like those of us who set up the site – regret that we will be unable to vote for you while you are committed to leaving the EU. Please note that each person signing up to the site is validated to ensure they are legitimate constituents.

Since our first email to you, we have taken part in two street stalls: one in Nantwich and then in Crewe. We had never done anything like this before, so it was somewhat out of our comfort zone! After getting over our nerves, and despite lots of positive conversations, some negative interactions were particularly illuminating. Indeed, the very first Leaver who engaged with us in Nantwich promised acts of violence. In Crewe on the weekend before the EU elections, we were immediately intimidated by a Brexit Party campaigner, later sworn at aggressively by angry passers-by, and became quite concerned as Tommy Robinson supporters approached us. In another unpleasant exchange, a colleague of ours from Macclesfield was told she 'looked like a foreigner'.

So, I fully sympathise with the toxic atmosphere you will no doubt have experienced yourself, not just over a couple of street stalls, but during these last two years since Brexit has come to dominate your time as our MP. I also acknowledge that unpleasantness can come from both sides, and want to reiterate to you that our campaign is intended to be both respectful and good-natured. We are trying to do this the right way.

With that said, and despite the anger aimed at us, I still firmly believe that Brexit is wrong, and that your position in supporting it is wrong too – both for the constituency and the UK as a whole. So, I ask one simple question. Why?

Please can you tell me what reasons Leave voters give you to justify leaving the EU. What are the secrets I'm not being let in on? What explanations stand up to your own scrutiny and equal or better the opportunities which EU membership grants? What reasons allow you to cite democracy, whilst at the same time disobey the Labour whip and change your own mind from a "public vote" (which we understood to mean a second referendum) being an option just a few months ago? Furthermore, what reasons are there that justify the decision by yourself and the CLP not to campaign for or even endorse Julie Ward, Theresa Griffin and Wajid Khan during the EU elections – an utterly egregious position given your heartfelt commitment to solidarity within the Labour movement, and, in particular, Julie Ward's strong and vital support to you during your own election campaign?

As before, I would still welcome the opportunity to arrange a meeting where I could hear your answers, and discuss our concerns in more detail. And, again, above all, I reiterate that I would love to be able to give you my vote and that of all our pro-EU CAN Remain supporters at the next General Election.

We received no response.